Tight Spot Trout Float

This float is a little different from our others. Due to the nature of the trip anglers will be required to rig their own rod, and land their own fish for most of the trip. It’s a fun and fast paced float for the first few miles before mellowing and widening out. During the first half of the trip your guide will be busy positioning the boat for casts, to avoid obstacles both in and out of the water, and looking downstream for the next move. For these reasons anglers booking this trip should be capable and competent in removing flies from trees, tying on flies when necessary, and landing their own fish when handed a net. During the first few miles of the float casts need to be short, accurate, and timed. Drifts should be downstream of the boat. If you hang up behind the boat there is no back rowing to retrieve a fly. This trip is for intermediate to advanced anglers with some experience fishing from a boat.

2019 Available Dates

Based on flow schedule calendars: These dates will be available to book for the remainder of 2019. These dates are available until booked and are not guaranteed openings please call if you wish to check to see if a date is open before filling out the form. If you are flexible in your schedule, simply fill out the form with any date and you will be contacted about openings.


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Tight Spot Trout Float

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