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The In-Between

Now is the in-between time. It’s no longer really summer but fall is not yet here. The fishing is as good as it’s been all year, but for me at least, it’s like a good bowl of tobacco in a favorite pipe. It started off well, full of potential and excitement. There were a few hiccups along the way, a little burble in the shank, probably due to the moisture that has stoved into the hills for what seems like weeks on end, and has had a soggy effect on the fishing too.  The mid point was strong, tasty and full of moments of pleasure. A few times I was greedy and puffed harder, trying to demand more from the sweet smoky leaf, and as always, I got bit.  Now near the end my tongue has grown weary, and the flavors, while still present, have fallen victim to my own fatigue. I’m going through the motions, only occasionally surprised by some level of texture rather than taste. 

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Trout Candy/Late May 2017

Ants make up a very large portion of the diet of a trout during the summer months along with other terrestrials such as beetles and inchworms. A random caddis may find its way into the maul of a big brown as well but by and large the bulk of the biomass available to summer trout is in the form of an ant.  Trout seem to have a strong affinity for these little formic acid filled sour treats.  Ive been told they like the acidic taste, but Im more inclined to believe its the availability and helplessness of the food form that lends to such a sustained sight picture in the mind of summer trout.  

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Early May 2017 Davidson River and Pisgah Area

May came in with more rain, a sudden drop in temperature and a rise in wind speed.  Early May was akin to late March with 30 degree nights, snow at high elevations, high winds, and mid day hatches.  Our Sulphurs came off strong at the end of April and with the high water produced some great under water and top water action. They have now begun to fade into Cahills which will soon leave the river and hand it over to the Little Yellow Stoneflies known as Sallies.  Rumors of Drakes and Cicadas are showing up on social media and in riverside conversations and should be here strong by the end of the month.  

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