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Trout Candy/Late May 2017

Ants make up a very large portion of the diet of a trout during the summer months along with other terrestrials such as beetles and inchworms. A random caddis may find its way into the maul of a big brown as well but by and large the bulk of the biomass available to summer trout is in the form of an ant.  Trout seem to have a strong affinity for these little formic acid filled sour treats.  Ive been told they like the acidic taste, but Im more inclined to believe its the availability and helplessness of the food form that lends to such a sustained sight picture in the mind of summer trout.  

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Late April 2017 Davidson River and Pisgah Area

Now that the Hendricksons have passed; their close cousins, the larger of the Sulphurs, have arrived. These are not the tiny dorthea Sulphurs that will arrive later in the spring but the larger invaria. These bugs are about a size 16-14 with watery dun colored wings and a dirty yellow body sporting hot peachy orange segments about the abdomen.  

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April 2017 Davidson River and Pisgah Area

Its been a more typical spring here in Pisgah Forest.  It looks like the drought may be past us as we have been getting very regular rains and thunder storms.  The Davidson and other area streams are running high and clear after this week's rains, but should be dropping into normal flows by the weekend.

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